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No Limits Slave


“I’m a no limits slave.” There are few things that will make my eyes roll into the back of my head faster than that statement. Everyone has their limits on what they will or won’t do. Kids are usually on the top of that list and rightly so. Some will say that’s a “given” but clearly based on the number of pedophiles that circle society as a whole, it’s not really a given, and thus, a limit. There are also different levels to limits as well. And there are different “no limit” slaves.


The simplest “no limit slave” is the one that will say they will do anything, simply because they have no intention of following through with any of it. They just want to play an online fantasy and see how far they can “shock” people by what they will do. There is an inherent risk when dealing in the lifestyle as a “no limits slave” when people go about things in this way. As much as we would all like to think that we are safe and sound behind the keyboard, skype, yahoo or any other social network, the truth is we aren’t. You can be found and there is a danger that your no limits words could literally come around to bite you in the ass.


There is the “I trust my Master so I have no limits” slave. I can absolutely understand this feeling. The sentiment is wonderful. However, some limits are not about trust. Some are there from trauma that happened earlier in life. For those that say, well my Master would never go there because He wouldn’t want to damage me. Well, precisely, it’s a limit. Whether it’s one that ever is actually faced during play or not is irrelevant, it’s still a limit. I never had to use a limit with my Master; it wasn’t that I didn’t have them. I had them, but I never had to use them.


Yes, I have limits. Whether that makes me someone’s submissive or someone’s slave; well, that’s up to the Master or Dominant that I’m in a relationship with. I have limits that I know about, and I probably have even more limits that I don’t know about. *Masterly and Domly One’s have a very active imagination and I’m sure They have thought of all kinds of things I haven’t thought of yet.* I have more limits when straight out asked about things, and I have other limits I could be persuaded to do in the moment. I’ve had things that I thought would be limits; turn out to be nothing more than a passing thought in the moment. And some limits that the mere mention of will send me into a panic and I will break out in hives, really, not attractive.


One of my limits, nailing any of my bits to a board, nope, that is NOT happening. Now some will say that could fall under the “damaging” category. Well, not really, done right with a sterilized nail, any holes will heal just fine and may leave a very very small scar. Technically, one would be fine physically. But NO, don’t care. Reason it out anyway way you want to, no one is nailing my girly bits! I didn’t even like getting my ears pierced. Scat is another no way, no how, not happening, quite literally, you can keep your shite to yourself.


Other limits are situational. I have a few of those, crops and canes being the big ones. I have a really hard time with them. While I would like to expand my limits with them; they are two things that can instantly stop and limit play. I had a very abusive childhood and thus, it has left scars on my psyche. I’m better than I was with them, but they still are a major limit.


Then there are the “you want me to do what?” limits. The one that’s at the forefront of my mind with this one is watersports. Yeah, I so don’t think so. My logical brain screams NO fraking way. However, this is one I know that with certain parameters in place *REALLY CERTAIN PARAMETERS* I would be more apt to consider to because of my want to be pleasing. However, don’t really ask me what those parameters are, because my head is STILL screaming no FRAKING way!


There will always be those that say they have no limits, and they may have very few limits but they are there. Limits have really very little to do with how much you trust someone. Although, it’s a major factor in situational and pleasing limits, not all limits are trust based. I could have all the trust in the world for my Master, but there’s still no fraking way I’m letting Him nail my labia to a 2×4.