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The Misty Road

There are so many roads to take in life. Some are safe and smooth others are pitted and bumpy and then there’s that road covered in mist and fog. It’s that road that has always intrigued me. That road shrouded in mist and mystery, which has always stirred my soul and challenged me with its silent presence to travel down it.  There’s never a road sign along that road, one is never quite sure where it will lead, and frankly, it would be too easy if there were. That road is always there, beckoning you, challenging you, do you walk down it and see what is being hidden by the mist, or do you choose the path that’s clearly laid before you?

The misty road shows up many times during our lives with the offer to take us down unmapped roads. There’s no GPS and no real destination in ahead. It shows up in those uncertain times be it work or romance related. Do you stay or go? What direction should you go? What is the life you are looking for? Many want certainty and stability, but who really knows if that road doesn’t open up to sunshine and a smooth and happy path? For some, it does work that way. They see that road pop up and they bravely take it. They seize the opportunity in front of them and confidently forge ahead. While others stay on the safe side, where they can see the road clearly and there are few if any surprises.

For me, I’ve always chosen that misty road. I’ve gone on some bumpy adventures on that road, but I can honestly say, that I’ve never regretted taking it. I have taken some very bumpy roads, the ones that you’re sure will leave you broken and scared before you can get off it. But, no matter how hard the road, it’s never broken me. As challenging as it was, I stood up to that road and returned its challenge. The road has taken me to the highest peaks. To the top of the mountains where the air is clear, the sky bright, and you can see the whole world laid out before you. If only every road took you up that high, unfortunately, many don’t. But oh, for the chance that it does. Those moments make every dark road worth traveling down.