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Being Complete

I am totally adequate for all situations. I am one with the power and wisdom of the Universe. I claim this power, and it is easy for me to stand up for myself. ~Louise L. Hay

It always amazes me how many say that they aren’t complete until they are in a relationship. I just don’t understand that mindset. I have my yearnings fulfilled in the right relationship, but I am complete without as well. The only one that can make you whole is yourself. I’m not looking for someone to “fix” me or to even complete me. I am looking for someone who fulfills me.

I am complete as I am. I can direct and guide my life just fine. I just don’t like it. In fact, some of my biggest mistakes happen when I turn control of my life’s direction over to another. Unfortunately, that impulse and compulsion to turn things over is hardwired into my being. It’s learning and working to accept that I am complete as I am now, without having that other person that’s been a challenge.

By knowing that you are complete and adequate without another, that gives you the inner strength and power to NOT be someone’s door mat. It’s not a statement that really needs to be said as it will shine through everything that you do. There’s no need to shout “I am submissive hear me roar.”

I am assertive, stubborn, outspoken, and opinionated. I get excited and passionate about ideas and beliefs and love good debates. I do not like personal conflict and can’t stand stagnation. If I see an issue, I like being able to fix it. There’s nothing worse than seeing a problem and being unable to do anything about it. It generally leads to endless frustration.

3 Responses to Being Complete

  • tina hastings says:

    very well written.

  • Gioele says:

    i love that analogy i think it dreseibcs the differences quite well.Of all the things i have learned in this journey, the foremost (aside from the personal M/s stuff of course) is that labels seem much desired in the community in general but become meaningless at the level of the slavery is different from many (many many) of my friends’ definitions. i am so tired, frankly, of others who claim that their definition of slavery is the correct one or the best one it’s just not that simple. i am also tired of other slaves telling me that Master is abusing me (He most certainly is NOT) simply because the activities Wwe undertake surpass that other slave’s limits.Guess i needed to vent, LOL! The bottom line for me is that however you define yourself, make sure it is a TRUE definition for you and label yourself with the closest generic approximation for the benefit of the community. But never, ever, ever, assume that your definition is the best or the most true to the lifestyle the lifestyle is what We make of it and our primary creation should be a community of tolerance and open-mindedness.

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